Ladder League

What is a Ladder League?

A tennis ladder is a league in which players are ranked on a “ladder,” 1-50 for example. The goal is to finish the season ranked #1 on the ladder, or for more recreational players it’s a great opportunity to just play a ton of matches and improve your game. As players you’re allowed to challenge up a certain amount of spots. For instance, if you’re ranked #30 on the ladder, you may be allowed to challenge up to 15 spots at a time. If you challenge #15 and win you take their spot and they would drop down to #16. The great thing about a ladder league is that it gives our players and all players in the Tampa Bay area a chance to network and meet other tennis players & play competitive matches for prizes! We also know everyone is very busy, so our ladder is very flexible with match scheduling, only requiring 1 match every 2 weeks!


How does it work?

Players will be receiving emails with a link to sign up. Once you click the link you will quickly create an account on Tennis Rungs that is free (watch video for further instructions). From there you can sign up, view the rules of the ladder, contact other players on the ladder, issue challenge matches, report scores, see your past results, and even view the results of all matches played in the ladder from all players. The software is very straight forward and super easy to use!


What is the cost and when does it start?

Here’s the best part… Registration cost is 100% FREE! We do not charge anything to get registered. We take care of the software monitoring, ladder changes, prizes for winners, court prep, and playoff hosting all complimentary! All you do is pay the court fees for the match. We are set to launch on March 4th and it will go until the end of June, concluded with our playoffs!


Where will the matches be played?

One of the biggest complaints we’ve heard over the years about ladders is that there’s always uncertainty about where matches will be played and court conditions can be pretty rough. But with all matches being played here at the HCC Tennis Center, you will never have to worry about court conditions and all matches will take place at a great central location for all locations in the Tampa Bay area.


General Process:
  1. Click invitation email and create tennis rungs account (free to register). 
  2. Contact a player you would like to challenge via phone, email, or text to set up match time that works best for your schedules.
  3. Issue challenge on Tennis Rungs.
  4. Play the match on your schedule. 
  5. Report score on Tennis Rungs.
  6. Results will be updated immediately.
Start of season: March 4th 
End of season: June 30th
Playoffs: July 1st – 14th (tentative dates)

We will keep the ladder results posted and updated in the lobby of the tennis center for ultimate bragging rights.


Further details about Ladder:
Please make sure to watch the quick overview video, as it goes into some of the specifics of how to sign up and how to operate the software

If you have any further questions please contact the ladder admin at


Ladder registration